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Mona & Ahmed

Mona from Cairo and Ahmed from Luxor. Both have degrees in Egyptology. 20 years of experience as tourist guides, had worked with various very renowned travel agencies, endowed with great knowledge of their trades, great competence, with a mastery of the language, listening, taking care of their customers in order to allow travelers to make the most of their stay, are known for their helpfulness with their great adaptability to travelers’ expectations, so they can help streamline your program, adapt it to your wishes and pace with great flexibility, so as to optimize your stay, responding to their customers, and above all to make them discover their beautiful country in a different and authentic way and its unusual corners through the eyes of an Egyptian in love with his country.


We have a very high level of flexibility depending on the interests of our clients. We know that all people are different. So we always do what makes our customers happy. In doing so, we provide you with the best experience in Egypt because you are an Egyptian living here and a tourist. This is what is unique about our service besides the best photos we can offer to always keep a great memory of your vacation in Egypt.

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